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Wednesday July 12

Physics 12

Today you wrote your first UNIT TEST.

Today we discussed the answers for the Friction Worksheet.

I handed out a sheet called Practicing F=ma Diagrams. This summarizes all the cases you will encounter with F=ma problems.

We worked through a series of video clips that showed how to apply the F=ma equation to a variety of situations.

Here is a link to the videos:

Block on table over pulley with no friction: Block on Table no f

Block on table over pulley friction:

Pulley with two weights:

Block on incline with and without friction:

Blocks and a pulley on an incline without friction:

Blocks and a pulley on an incline with friction:

Try questions #15 – 24 in the SNAP book. Here are the solutions:

Page 116-117

Pages 117-118

Page 118-119

You also need to try the questions on pages 124-125. Here are the solutions:

Page 124


Page 125

Your DYNAMICS TEST will be on Friday.

Here are answers to the worksheet More Practice Questions on F = ma



Tuesday July 11

Physics 12

Tomorrow you wil get the first of the UNIT TESTS. This will cover Vectors: adding; subtracting; components; Relative Motion; Projectiles at angles.

We reviewed some aspects of Newton’s Laws.

I assigned questions #1 – 14 on pages 114 – 116.

Here are the answers:

Page 114

Page 115

Page 116

Today we started friction.

We started with a PowerPoint to review the ideas from Physics 11.

If you feel that you need to review the friction concepts from Physics 11, I have provided a series of clips that I use in Physics 11. These are found in the Video Clips for Physics 12 Menu.

We then started the Physics 12 material on friction. We first looked at the Normal Force. Here is the video clip viewed in class.

Advanced Normal Force

Next we looked at PowerPoints of friction on Inclined Planes. Make sure you know how to draw vectors on inclined planes.

I left you with a Worksheet on Friction. This is a very important worksheet.



Monday July 10

Physics 12

Today we started the class with a short test on Kinematics.

We had another short quiz on adding two vectors using two methods.

On Wednesday I’ll give you a larger test on Vectors. This will include: adding and subtracting vectors; Components; Relative Motion; Projectiles.You will be given a formula sheet for the test.

I handed out a sheet of Practice Questions taken from the Provincial Exams for Physics 12. These questions are like the questions you will get on your exam. During the class we worked through each question.

It may be useful for you to try the practice test on pages 87 to 89. Here are the complete worked out solutions.

Page 87

Pages 87-89

We now begin the topic of Dynamics.

In class we watched a clip on Newton’s First Law.

Then we worked through a PPT on Newton’s Second Law.

I assigned the questions on Pages 99 – 100 and Page 103

Here are the answers to Pages 99 to 100:

Page 99


Here are the answers to Page 103:

Page 103



Friday July 7

Physics 12

On Monday we’ll have a short test on Kinematics. It will cover basic Kinematics Questions including an object thrown up and down and an object dropped.

We reviewed adding two vectors. On Monday I’ll also give you a small test similar to the example you saw in class today. You will need to:

– sketch the sum of the vectors

– find the sum by the Law of the Cosines and Law of the Sines

– find the sum by the Component Method

Then we looked at some applications of vectors. The first application is Relative Motion. The videos for this topic can be found under: Video Links for Physics 12.

I assigned the Problems on pages 72-75 of the SNAP book. Here are the solutions:

Page 72

Pages 73-74

Pages 74-75

Then we looked at Projectile motion. We started with Projectiles thrown sideways. I assigned pages 78 – 79 #’s 1 to 6 of the SNAP book. Here are the solutions:

Page 78

Pages 78-79

Then we looked at Projectile Motion at an Angle. All the videos for these are found under: Video Links for Physics 12. Make sure you understand this well. I assigned the problems on pages 82-83 and page 86. Here are the solutions.

Page 82

Pages 82-83

Page 83

Page 86


Thursday July 6

Physics 12

Today we began with a small one question test on Kinematics.

We then covered “falling bodies.” I assigned the following pages in the SNAP book: pages 31 – 35. These problems are simply a review of Physics 11 problems. You do not need to do them all, but you need to know how to do them. Here are the answers:

Page 31

Page 32-33

Page 33-35

We then looked at bodies thrown up and down. The signs for the variables are very important. You may want to review the video Projectiles Up and Down. You will find this under the menu item: Video Clips for Physics 12. There are sample questions in the book on pages 46 – 47. I assigned the questions on pages 48-52. Once again, this is a review of Physics 11. Make sure you know how to do these problems. Here are the fully worked out solutions:

Page 48

Page 49

Pages 50-51

Pages 51-52

On MONDAY I will give you a short test on Kinematics. It will include Falling Bodies, Projectiles Up and Down, and basic Kinematics questions involving Time, Velocity, Acceleration, and Distance.

You may want to try the Practice Exam on pages 53 – 57. Here are the solutions:

Pages 53-56film Despicable Me 3

Pages 56-57

We finished Kinematics and started the section on VECTORS. I showed a series of videos. You will find a link to these videos under the menu heading: Video Clips for Physics 12. These video clips are very important.

I left you with a practice worksheet called: The Component Method of Adding Vectors. Here are the answers for the key steps:

(2) 3.4202 N  -9.3969 N

(3) 5 N  0 N

(4) 10.6066 N 10.6066 N

(5) -7.5 N  12.9903 N

(6) 11.5268 N

(7 ) 14.2 N

(9) 18.3 N at 51˚ N of E