Monday July 17

Physics 12

We now begin the short topic of momentum. First we must review the material from Physics 11.

I assigned Pages 174 – 177 in the SNAP book. This reviews the ideas of Momentum and Impulse from Physics 11.

Page 174 – 175

Page 176 – 177

Monday is the Work and Energy Test. It might be good to try the Work and Energy Practice Test on Pages 167 – 169.

Here are the answers: Page 167  Page 167 – 169


Today we started Conservation of Momentum. Here is a link to the Conservation of momentum video:

Conservation of momentum

Here is a link to the first sample problem: Sample Problem 1

Try the questions in the SNAP book pages 183 – 185.

Here are the answers:Page 183  Page 183 – 184  Page 184 – 185  Page 185

Next we looked at Collisions at angles.

Here is a link to the videos on Oblique Collisions:

Oblique Collisions Part One

Oblique Collisions Part Two

Try the questions in the SNAP book pages 190 – 191.

Here are the answers:Page 190   Page 190 cont   Page 190 – 191   Page 191a Page 191b   Page 191c

I handed out a Worksheet with Practice Momentum Questions. Answers are on the worksheet.