Thursday July 13

Physics 12

Today we started with a Practice Worksheet that had a series of questions about a Block on Table.

Several people asked me about the answer to problem 8 on the Friction Worksheet. I tried the problem and got a different answer. Here is my solution:

Answer to friction problem 8

Your test on Dynamics will be tomorrow. It may be useful to try the Practice Test in the SNAP book on pages 128-130. Here are the answers:

Page 128-129

Page 129-130

Here is another practice sheet of Government Exam Questions. These are similar to the kind of questions you could get on the test.

Practice Questions- Friction and Vectors Grade 12

We now start Work and Energy

We reviewed the Work and Energy Concepts introduced in Physics 11. I don’t want to spend too much time on this. Here are the questions  you may want to look at from the SNAP book.

SNAP questions page 135-138

Page 135-137

Page 137-138

SNAP questions page 141-142

Page 141

Page 142

SNAP pages 146-147; 150

Page 146-147

Page 150

Next we looked at the Work Energy Theorem

I assigned pages 153=155 in the SNAP book. Here are the answers:

WE theorem 1

WE theorem2

WE theorem3

Next we looked at Conservation of Mechanical Energy

I assigned pages 158-160 of the SNAP book. Here are the answers:

Page 158-159

Page 159-160

 NOTE: All the videos for Work and Energy can be found in the Menu item: Video Clips for Physics 12.