Wednesday July 12

Physics 12

Today you wrote your first UNIT TEST.

Today we discussed the answers for the Friction Worksheet.

I handed out a sheet called Practicing F=ma Diagrams. This summarizes all the cases you will encounter with F=ma problems.

We worked through a series of video clips that showed how to apply the F=ma equation to a variety of situations.

Here is a link to the videos:

Block on table over pulley with no friction: Block on Table no f

Block on table over pulley friction:

Pulley with two weights:

Block on incline with and without friction:

Blocks and a pulley on an incline without friction:

Blocks and a pulley on an incline with friction:

Try questions #15 – 24 in the SNAP book. Here are the solutions:

Page 116-117

Pages 117-118

Page 118-119

You also need to try the questions on pages 124-125. Here are the solutions:

Page 124


Page 125

Your DYNAMICS TEST will be on Friday.

Here are answers to the worksheet More Practice Questions on F = ma