Tuesday July 11

Physics 12

Tomorrow you wil get the first of the UNIT TESTS. This will cover Vectors: adding; subtracting; components; Relative Motion; Projectiles at angles.

We reviewed some aspects of Newton’s Laws.

I assigned questions #1 – 14 on pages 114 – 116.

Here are the answers:

Page 114

Page 115

Page 116

Today we started friction.

We started with a PowerPoint to review the ideas from Physics 11.

If you feel that you need to review the friction concepts from Physics 11, I have provided a series of clips that I use in Physics 11. These are found in the Video Clips for Physics 12 Menu.

We then started the Physics 12 material on friction. We first looked at the Normal Force. Here is the video clip viewed in class.

Advanced Normal Force

Next we looked at PowerPoints of friction on Inclined Planes. Make sure you know how to draw vectors on inclined planes.

I left you with a Worksheet on Friction. This is a very important worksheet.