Monday July 10

Physics 12

Today we started the class with a short test on Kinematics.

We had another short quiz on adding two vectors using two methods.

On Wednesday I’ll give you a larger test on Vectors. This will include: adding and subtracting vectors; Components; Relative Motion; Projectiles.You will be given a formula sheet for the test.

I handed out a sheet of Practice Questions taken from the Provincial Exams for Physics 12. These questions are like the questions you will get on your exam. During the class we worked through each question.

It may be useful for you to try the practice test on pages 87 to 89. Here are the complete worked out solutions.

Page 87

Pages 87-89

We now begin the topic of Dynamics.

In class we watched a clip on Newton’s First Law.

Then we worked through a PPT on Newton’s Second Law.

I assigned the questions on Pages 99 – 100 and Page 103

Here are the answers to Pages 99 to 100:

Page 99


Here are the answers to Page 103:

Page 103